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    speaks during a press conference of the black hole LB-1 discovered with the Large S

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  • 日本免费高清线视频

    ky Area Multi-Object Fibre Spectroscopy Telescope (LAMOST), in Beijing, capital of C

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  • 日本免费高清线视频

    hina, Nov. 27, 2019. A Chinese-led research team has discovered a surprisingly huge

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stellar black hole about 14,000 light years from Earth -- our "backyard" of the universe -- forcing scientists to re-examine how s

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uch black holes form. The team, headed by Liu Jifeng, spotted the black hole, which has a mass 70 times greater than the Sun. Resear

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chers named the monster black hole LB-1. (Xinhua) The Milky Way galaxy is estimated to contain 100 million stellar black holes --

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IJING, Nov. 28 -- A Chinese-led
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